Longtime Company




此外,本公司曾引薦正大卜鋒公司(在中國稱“正大”)進入中國市場,其業務由深圳拓展至中國各省份。2009年本公司參與了泰國高爾夫球場Ayodhya Links的投資,後者在2015年高爾夫雜誌(GOLF Magazine)前一百的球場排名中,排名76位,全東南亞最高。


Longtime Company Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1972. Over the years, the Company has grown into a conglomerate majoring in the promotion of China Trade.

The Company was among the early investors to accept the challenge. In view of the development potential of tourism in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, coupled with our expertise in the field, the Company had submitted proposals to the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government for the setting up of Duty Free Shop and Shenzhen Golf Club (now “Shenzhen SDG Golf Club”). These Investment plans were approved and the relative undertakings were successfully launched in January 1980 and October 1985 respectively.

In order to streamline its multifacet business, the Company has along the years set up a number of divisions and subsidiaries respectively specializing in import and export, transport and handling sales and purchase of membership in respect of recreational Clubs in Hong Kong and China. The Company has also established representative offices in China.